We digitalize your business processes

One platform for all your business processes. Secure data storage in Switzerland and expandable without Software Developers using a low-code approach.

One platform for all your business processes. Secure data storage in Switzerland and expandable without Software Developers using a low-code approach.

How it works

Selected Customers​

Selected Customers


Why Exolynk is the right choice

The Swiss digitalization solution with a low-code approach. A robust, secure and scalable platform with which you can digitize your business applications, data and processes in real time.

Time saving

Implemented 10x faster and more cost-effectively

Swiss Made

Developed in Switzerland, data storage in Switzerland


Enables extensions during operation without interruption

Enterprise ready

A white label platform for your client projects

Digitizing made easy

Exolynk allows you to aggregate your data in a centralized, structured and secure way. Workflows can be created and dossiers can be assigned to users. You also have a full-text search function for all data, including files.


Digitization as a growth driver

Solutions to increase productivity and manage staffing gaps.


Digitization as a growth driver

Solutions to increase productivity and manage staffing gaps.

Simply get started

Digitization projects often fail or are delayed already at the planning stage. The requirements are not yet fully specified, are unclear or are constantly changing. With Exolynk, you start with the workflows that are already clear and expand them during operation.

Skills shortage

The shortage of skilled workers is omnipresent. Develop your business applications without IT expertise and provide your employees with an attractive software environment. Increase efficiency and employee satisfaction by automating your processes with Exolynk.

Efficiency gain

Use your employees’ resources for value-adding tasks and reduce repetitive administrative tasks by automating them with the intuitive Exolynk platform solution.


Minimize your resource consumption by shortening communication channels and creating transparency with data. We do the same by operating our server infrastructure exclusively with local and renewable energy (éco21).

Team Collaboration

Promote efficient team collaboration by assigning dossiers, tasks or orders to your employees via notifications. This is possible completely independently of the device and location and without tedious software installation.

All-in-one platform

One platform for all your business processes.
Address data, service orders, research data, medicines, to name just a few examples of data that our customers manage with Exolynk.

Citizen Development

The shortage of skilled workers is affecting companies, particularly in technical professions. With our low-code approach, we offer the opportunity to further develop applications without the need for professional software developers. By drag-and-drop and for complex automation with our easy-to-learn native scripting language.

Case Studies

Success stories

Selected application examples of how our customers use the Exolynk platform across industries.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, for most of our customers we implement the business processes after a joint analysis. The low-code approach also saves us development work, which ultimately reduces costs many times over compared to individual software.

We would be happy to show you the possibilities in a non-binding consultation. So please do not hesitate to contact us now.

In principle, both the “low-code” and “no-code” approaches were developed to simplify application development and make it more cost-effective in order to accelerate the digital transformation.

The main differences:
– No-code solutions mainly work with graphical modeling and are primarily intended for simple applications.
– Low-code solutions, on the other hand, enable in-depth personalization and are also suitable for complex applications.

Exolynk closes the gap here and combines the approach with visual editors with the option of using simple scripting languages for complex applications and automation. Exolynk also offers a fully-fledged development environment (IDE) with debugging console and unit tests as well as version management with release management.

Exolynk can counteract the skills shortage at the following levels:

– Increased efficiency and productivity through automation
– Enables effective resource management, can reduce costs and resource consumption
– Shorter time to value creation: applications can be developed and deployed quickly

Citizen development
– Developing applications using Citizen Developer without IT experts frees up capacity for important and complex long-term digitalization projects

Employee engagement
– Employees can design their workplace of the future according to their own ideas and be creative
– Promotes personal responsibility, as the impact on their own work becomes directly visible.

Citizen developers are technically skilled employees who create software-based applications for their respective specialist area outside of the IT department. Generally speaking, citizen developers are not professional programmers, but users who have sufficient technical understanding to implement the requirements.

Exolynk is the only low-code business application builder whose data storage, processing and development is carried out entirely in Switzerland. In addition, our real-time platform enables changes and further developments without interrupting system operation.

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We would be happy to set up a free demo account for you. In order to demonstrate the maximum added value to you, we will be happy to discuss your requirements in a 30-minute online meeting. We can then pre-install some useful templates for you.