Exolynk Platform

The professional Swiss low-code platform for SMEs and established companies. Scalable and secure.

Resilience by design

As a trusted Swiss digitization solution with a low code approach, we offer a robust, secure and scalable platform that allows you to securely integrate your business applications, data and processes in real time and with little code effort.

Native scripting language

We use an easy-to-learn programming language to implement even complex automations in a short space of time. With this dynamic asynchronous-first scripting language, you can implement your workflows and backend services with just a few lines of code.

					pub fn show() {
    let record = webapp::get_record()?;
    if record.status.to_string() == "active" {
        return true;
    return false;

pub async fn main() {
    let record = webapp::get_record()?;
    webapp::rpc_call("model","set_status_service", ["inactive", "#CED2D3"]).await?; //color: gray

*In the example, a record status is changed via a button.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On with OAuth 2.0 enables employees to access your Exolynk instance via an identity provider (IdP) of your choice. By using SSO, employees can log in to Exolynk via the familiar interface of the identity provider.

UI elements

Various user interface elements are available for a wide range of use cases. Map with geo-position and address, digital signature validated with date and GPS location, tables and list view, date-time picker, color picker, as well as countless other buttons, drop-downs or selection elements.

Dynamic pricing

Exolynk’s billing system allows you to optimize your subscription costs. You only pay for what you actually use. Thanks to vertical scalability, you can think big and only pay for the users and resources that your application actually consumes.


Nearly unlimited possibilities

A wide range of functions offers the necessary tools for all applications and sectors to ensure investment security even for a growing company.

Drag & drop elements

Do you need an additional data field during live-operation? No problem, with just a few clicks you can add it without interrupting live system.

Team collaboration

Efficient teamwork is the basis of every successful company. Exolynk supports you in this.

Access control

You determine who has access to the data and who is allowed to edit it. Various role models and authorization schemes are available.


Whether time or data-driven actions, you can automate every use case with our workflow and backend services.


Exolynk can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT landscapes and redundancies reduced via our REST API.

Multi Device

Thanks to our multi-device web app, users can switch seamlessly between different devices without any problems with the display or usability.

Ready-to-use templates

We also have suitable templates for professional special applications that can be installed in seconds.

Multilingual translations

From the data field in the UI to the data records. All elements can be translated into multiple languages and the language can be assigned to the user profile.

Swiss Made

The development of our technology, as well as the data hosting itself, takes place exclusively in Switzerland.

Integrated AI & LLM models

Our Script API has native functions for interacting with LLM models Mixtral 8x22b and Llama3 (8b und 70b).

Addon Store​

Easy installation of free templates, layouts, workflows, services, models and pages directly on the platform.

PWA Push Notifications

Support of push notifications independent of the operating system on all modern browsers including mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.


All functions and outlook

Available in version 8.0

Available soon

Exolynk Addon Store

In our Addon Store you will find ready-made templates for many applications, which can be installed and adapted to your needs with just one click.