Veterinary Patient Record

The Exolynk animal patient dossier is an advanced digitization solution for veterinary medicine and animal shelter

Application animal patent dossier

The Exolynk Animal Patient Dossier provides a comprehensive platform for the effective and secure management of animal patient information, treatments and a medication registry.

Main features and functions:

  1. Care planning, diagnoses and treatments: The solution makes it easy to plan and manage daily care, diagnoses and treatments. The integrated eMedication helps animal carers to select and dose medication.

  2. Digital vet consultations: Especially for non-profit organizations, for whom veterinary consultations are often costly, animal caretakers can assign patients in need of medical evaluation directly to the appropriate veterinarians. They are then automatically notified and have immediate access to the relevant patient information.

  3. Coordination of location, finder and release: An integrated address database enables the management of contact details of people who have found animals or are responsible for releasing them back into the wild. In addition, exact locations where animals were found and released into the wild can be recorded, making it easier to return animals to their natural habitat.

  4. Daily care: Reports on the animals’ state of health.

  5. eMedication: A medication directory including stock management and a medication plan for animal patients.

  6. Treatments: The solution enables the logging of treatments, animal data and the associated care staff information.

  7. Medical diagnoses: The platform supports the recording of medical histories and medical diagnoses, ensuring complete traceability.

  8. QR code tracking: Animal patient files can be found quickly using QR codes attached to the animal boxes.

Template models used:
The animal patient dossier contains the following ready-made and free template models “Address management”, “Medication management”, “Diagnostic elements” and “Day care”.

Other customers:
The Exolynk Vet-EPD is in use at Igelhilfe-Schweiz and the hedgehog station in Hinwil, among others, and has been successfully integrated into their operational processes.

Project name
Animal patient record
Verein Verein Igel-Hilfe Schweiz
Implementation period
12 hours (initial)
Custom models used

Models used in this project (Rapid Models)