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Realize your digitalization strategy with our low code knowledge. Accelerate your project with our expertise.

Our services

On request, we can integrate and manage your specific business processes from A-Z.

In an increasingly interconnected business world, a coherent and actionable digital strategy is not just a competitive advantage, it’s a must. We support your company in successfully navigating the digital transformation and designing a customized strategy that promotes innovation and enables sustainable growth.

The smooth transfer of data plays a crucial role in almost every digitization project. Our data import service makes it easy for companies to transfer large amounts of data securely and efficiently into the Exolynk platform. Whether you want to migrate customer data, product information or operational data, we ensure that your information is transferred securely and correctly from source to destination.

Together, we create individually tailored workflows that optimize and digitalize your business processes. We rely on our own low-code platforms to develop agile, efficient and scalable solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs and challenges of your company.

In the era of digital connectivity, we ensure that your Exolynk application communicates harmoniously with existing and legacy systems. With our REST API, we effortlessly connect your applications and data sources to enable end-to-end, automated workflows and a centralized data view.

Integration partner

Established IT service partners are available for complex integration projects.

Our integration partners