Rapid Application Development

We enable software companies to develop robust customer applications efficiently and scalably.


Management Summery in figures

ROI – Payback Less than 12 Months
1 %
fold Development acceleration
1 x
Improved development efficiency
1 %

**industry Benchmarks of Rapid Application Development (RAD) Solutions

Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Our mission is to enable software companies accelerate the implementation of their customer projects without having to hire additional staff. Learn how RAD combined with low-code can help you increase the scalability of your business and increase profits.


We offer three hosting options
Shared Hosting: We operate the platform as a SaaS solution
Dedicated hosting: We operate your environment on a separate server
On-Premises: You operate your environment on your own server or data centers such as AWS, Google Clouds, etc.

Vertical scalability

Thanks to the vertical scalability of our platform, you can think big without worrying about costs or resources. We take care of load balancing and guarantee you and your customers a system availability of up to 99.98%


Key Benefits

Increase your development productivity with Exolynk – the innovative RAD and low-code platform for software companies.

Accelerated project implementation

Thanks to ready-to-use modules such as role models, authorization schemes and an abstracted database layer, your developers can implement customer projects many times faster, with full control over versioning, release history including integrated unit tests.

Flexibility for different use cases

Our platform is flexibly designed to effectively cover a wide range of use cases. As a RAD platform geared towards software companies, we offer our partners a fast lane for feature requests and platform functions.

Strict data privacy compliance

In times of increasing importance of data protection and security, Exolynk guarantees compliance with the GDPR and the Swiss revDSG to provide comprehensive protection for you and your customers.

Flexible licensing model

We offer a customizable and seamlessly integrated licensing model that can add value and customer loyalty to extend your company's value chain.

Powered by 100% renewable energy

Our data center in Geneva and Gland is powered by 100% hydroelectricity, is an associate member of Green Grid and has a TÜV Süd EE01 certificate.

Protection against force majeure and cyber attacks

Our Tier 3 data centers are located in secure, ISO9001, ISO27001, ISAE3402 and PCIDSS certified data centers, ensuring that the risk of natural disasters and cyber attacks is extremely low.

Short learning curve for Pro-Developers

Experience has shown that pro developers (full-stack developers) require little to no training to be able to use the Exolynk platform productively for customer projects.

Built-in database

Our integrated database with abstracted database layer enables simple, efficient and fast application development with a high scalability.

Minimized project risk

The ability to quickly create and iterate prototypes is another advantage of our platform. This enables your customers to provide feedback at an early stage and ensure that the end product meets the requirements.

Schedule a free demo

We would be happy to show you in a non-binding 30-minute online appointment how you can achieve your business goals more efficiently and profitably with Exolynk.

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