Project management and CRM

Address and contact management, project coordination and customer relationship management in the sustainable energy industry.

Project management and CRM application

E&H QED Vision AG, active in the sector of development, production and supply of renewable energy solutions with a focus on hydrogen technologies, faces the challenge of effectively managing its complex projects and customer relationship management (CRM). Given the complexity and specialized nature of their projects, as well as the need to work closely with their customers and partners, their work requires a tailored data and process management solution.

With Exolynk, E&H QED Vision AG opted for a low-code platform that offers industry-specific custom models to get up and running quickly, but also to meet the company’s specific needs and growing requirements during operation. The focus here is on the following models in particular:

Main features and functions:

  1. Address and contact management: This centralizes and efficiently manages all relevant contact and address information and data.
  2. Project coordination: This enables the efficient management and coordination of all project activities, allowing deadlines, resources and targets to be continuously monitored and controlled.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): A model used to systematically organize, automate and synchronize all customer-related processes in order to maintain existing customer relationships and acquire potential new customers.

By using Exolynk, E&H QED Vision AG was able to make its projects and customer relationships more efficient and transparent. The flexible low-code platform adapts dynamically to the company’s needs and processes, enables smooth integration into existing systems and also offers the opportunity to adapt agilely to future challenges and growth. This results in optimized processes, increased customer and partner satisfaction and a solid basis for sustainable corporate success.

Template models used
E&H QED Vision AG installed the ready-made and free Template Models “Address Management”, “CRM” and “Project Management” within a short time and adapted them to their specific needs during operation.

Project name
Project management and CRM
E&H QED Vision AG
Implementation time
4 hours
Custom models used

Models used in this project (Rapid Models)