Digital maintenance report and service certificate for industry

All-in-one solution for field service management with end-to-end traceability of the maintenance of capital goods.

Digital maintenance report and service certificate for industry

All-in-one solution for field service management with end-to-end traceability of the maintenance of capital goods.

End-to-end traceability back to your customers

With our standard solution, the digital service record, you have a transparent maintenance history for all devices in the field. You can keep an eye on upcoming service jobs in a clear list so that you no longer miss any jobs.

Create service reports

You can easily enter maintenance orders via the platform and assign them to your service technicians. They can report the work carried out on site or in the workshop and have it confirmed with a legally valid signature if required.

Check service status

Using a QR code attached to the device, your customers can check the maintenance status, view the next service appointment, order further services directly via the menu or book service appointments.

Your brand presence on the App

The styling of the end customer app can be configured quickly and easily in the Exolynk platform. The buttons in the side menu can also be customized so that you can provide your customers with additional user-friendly offers under your brand.


Continuous transparency regarding maintenance work and service appointments

Product directory

Product directory for document management
such as technical manuals

Service Management

Coordinating and logging service orders

Custom Branding

Your brand presence on the end user app. Logo and CI colors can be configured

Modules and integration

Use additional modules such as CRM or integrate into existing IT landscape with REST API

QR code status check

End customer app for status checks and service orders

Increase sales through service upselling

Service upselling means offering your customers additional, value-adding services. With the Exolynk service record, you always have an overview of the maintenance intervals of your machine fleet and customer devices.

Ensuring operational safety

Regular checks and preventive maintenance increase operational safety and avoid unnecessary repairs. Increase customer satisfaction with continuous transparency about upcoming appointments.

Connection to online store

Using the QR code on the appliances, you can enable your customers to order raw materials or accessories directly in addition to simply checking the maintenance status.

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Additional functions of the Exolynk digitization platform

Customers using this solution


Customers using this solution

Customers using this solution

"The digital service record with Exolynk helps us to keep track of upcoming maintenance, brings transparency to our customers and increases our revenue with additional upsell."

Dominic Gampp CEO Korngold AG

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This standard solution can be operated with the regular Exolynk licenses. This is a monthly license fee that is calculated on the basis of actual usage. Further information can be found here.

The Exolynk platform is a web application and runs in all browsers on desktop and mobile devices. This means that no installation or configuration is required on the devices, so the solution can be distributed to employees quickly and easily via a link.

Our platform is multi-client capable. This means that several locations can be operated on the same platform and, thanks to the multilingual translations, even across language borders.

Thanks to the Exolynk low-code approach, countless other use cases, such as CRM, warehouse management and statistics, can be mapped in the platform with little effort.

We provide the end user app as open source. This can be hosted and further developed as desired. It is a responsive web app that accesses the data in the Exolynk platform via our REST API.

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