Order management 3D Print

Optimization of production and documentation and improvement of traceability and quality assurance at Thingineer

3D Print order management application

Thingineer uses Exolynk to coordinate design and production orders and to document all the necessary data and production steps for the manufacture of prototypes using 3D printers.

In the event of quality deviations, the entire process can be checked quickly and easily and corrected if necessary. This ensures complete traceability and raises the quality of your products to a new level.

Before the introduction of the Exolynk solution, manual documentation of production steps on paper and Excel spreadsheets was an error-prone and time-consuming task. When checking the data, it was never certain whether it was correct and complete. Exolynk automates the documentation of the work steps and minimizes sources of error.

The implementation took only 4 hours and could be implemented within one day. The reduction in manual work and the higher quality of the process documentation meant that the costs were amortized within a week. Exolynk has created a solid basis for scaling similar production processes.

Main features and functions:

  1. Coordination of design and production orders: The platform supports Thingineer in the organization and monitoring of orders, from design to the production of 3D-printed prototypes.

  2. Automated documentation of data and production steps: Exolynk enables the automated capture and storage of all relevant data and production steps, eliminating the need for manual documentation in paper form or Excel and minimizing errors.

  3. Traceability and quality management: In the event of deviations in the quality standard, the solution enables the entire process to be checked and corrected quickly and easily, which ensures traceability and increases product quality.

  4. Fast implementation: Exolynk was implemented in just 4 hours and could be fully implemented within a day, minimizing operational disruption.

  5. Cost-benefit optimization: By reducing manual work and improving the quality of process documentation, the implementation of the solution paid for itself within a week.

  6. Scalability of production processes: Exolynk provides a solid foundation for scaling similar production processes, efficiently supporting future growth and expansion of production.

  7. Minimization of error sources: By automating the documentation of work steps and storing data centrally, potential sources of error are significantly reduced.

Template models used:
Thingineer uses the ready-made and free template models “Address management”, “Filament directory”, “Project management” and “3D printing projects”.

Project name
3D Print order management
Implementation time
4 hours
Custom models used

Models used in this project (Rapid Models)