Electronic animal patient dossier for veterinary medicine and rescue centers

The modern digitization solution for veterinary medicine and animal sanctuaries.

Electronic animal patient dossier for veterinary medicine and rescue centers

The modern digitization solution for veterinary medicine and animal sanctuaries.

Care planning, diagnoses and treatments

With the Exolynk animal patient dossier, you can easily and securely plan and manage daily care as well as diagnoses and treatments. The integrated eMediaktion supports animal carers in the selection and dosage of medication.

Digital vet consultations

Veterinary consultations are often a major cost driver, especially for non-profit organizations. With our solution, veterinary nurses can refer patients who need a medical assessment directly to the relevant veterinarians. They automatically receive a notification and instant access to the patient information.

Coordinate locations, finders and wilderness release

The integrated address database can be used to manage contact information for finders and rehabilitators and to record the exact locations where the animals were found and released so that they can be released back into their natural habitat after treatment.

Care log

Report day care with information on the state of health


Medication directory with stock management and medication plan for animal patients


Logging of treatments and animal data and their responsible caregivers

Vet consulation

Assignment of dossiers to veterinarians, including notification for rapid remote diagnosis

Medical diagnoses

Recording medical histories and medical diagnoses with complete traceability

QR-Code tracking

Quick retrieval of animal patient files using QR codes on the animal boxes

Additional functions

Our partners

Our partners

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Exolynk is a cloud-based Software as a Service solution (SaaS), the subscription is renewed monthly or annually and charged directly to your credit card. For further questions or other payment options, please contact us. We grant a discount of 15% on annual invoices.

“Die Tierpatienten-Datenbank mit Exolynk hilft uns, unsere Prozesse, insbesondere die Veterinär-Medikation zu digitalisieren.”

Piet Umiker Inhaber Tierhotel 5 Stern AG

“Wir benötigten eine kosteneffiziente Lösung, um die aufgenommenen Tieren zu verwalten. Mit Exolynk realisierten wir dies innerhalb weniger Wochen.”

Michael Klauser Präsident Verein Igel-Hilfe Schweiz

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We make the program available free of charge to non-profit organizations that are committed to animal welfare. The only operating costs are for hosting and support. This is a monthly flat rate that is calculated on the basis of usage.

The Exolynk platform is a web application and runs in all browsers on desktop and mobile devices. This means that no installation or configuration is required on the devices, so the solution can be distributed to employees quickly and easily via a link.

Our platform is multi-client capable. This means that several locations can be operated on the same platform and, thanks to the multilingual translations, even across language borders.

With the Exolynk low code approach, countless other use cases, such as rental equipment, management for releases and statistics, can be mapped in the platform with little effort.

Further questions? We will be happy to answer them personally. Contact request